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There is a growing number of courses available for those who wish to learn Yuwaalaraay and Gamilaraay. A list of contact points is given below:

Yuwaalaraay Language Program
St Joseph's Primary School (PO Box 125), Walgett, NSW 2832. Ph: 02 6828 1060

Lightning Ridge Central School. Ph: 02 6829 0511

Boggabilla Central School. Ph: 02 07 4676 2104

Goodooga Central School, Ph: 02 6829 6257

Coonabarabran High School, Ph: 02 6842 1099

New England Institute of TAFE, Tamworth - Indigenous Programs. Ph: 02 6768 2411

As well as these ongoing courses there are occasional one-off events. The Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Cultural Co-op and the Many Rivers Language Centre conducted a summer school in the Gamilaraay and Gumbaynggirr languages. Titled Ngaawa-Garay (the words for 'language' in, respectively, Gumbaynggirr and Gamilaraay), the course took place from Monday 15 to Friday 19 January 2007. To gain some idea of the course you can download the information and registration document, or contact Muurrbay by phone on 02 6569 4294 or email.

The University of Sydney also runs Speaking Gamilaraay 1 (KOCR 2605). This unit of study provides students with a basic competence in speaking, understanding, reading and writing Gamilaraay sufficient to recognise and construct simple utterances in the language, and to understand its relationships with other languages. Classes take the form of three-hour intensive oral workshops which progressively develop each student's abilities in the language. Assessment is by short written assignments based on lesson content and an appraisal of individual oral/aural performance together with a short essay on Gamilaraay culture or a related topic.

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