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There are twelve stories listed opposite: the Yuwaalaraay stories are marked 'Y' and the Gamilaraay stories 'G'. By clicking on the story's title you will be taken to a page where you can hear the story spoken in language.

Version 1 of each story (the first page you will be taken to) is written in Yuwaalaraay or Gamilaraay only. You can hear the story in one of two ways: by clicking on the sound box on the left you can hear it bit by bit; or by clicking on the loudspeaker symbol you can download a continuous version. Please note that some of the continuous sound files are large, and might take a long time to download.

Version 2 has an 'interlinear' translation, one in which each Yuwaalaraay and Gamilaraay word is broken up into its various parts and explained.

A third page, 'Notes', gives a little background information on the story, and a continuous English translation. Some stories have PDFs of Mrs K. Langloh-Parker's version, collected in the early 1900s, which shows how the spelling system has changed over the years.

The stories are read by John Giacon, unless otherwise credited.

To learn a little more about the history of the recording of the original stories, and some background on creating 'interlinear' translations of the stories, follow this tech notes link.

Click on the title to hear a story


Y 1   Bigibila: The Echidna
G 2   Burraalga bulaarr Dhinawan: Brolga & Emu
Y 3   Dhinawan Ngay: My Emu
Y 4   Garrbaali: The Shingleback Lizard
Y 5   Gumbulgaban: The Bustard (plains turkey)
Y 6   Maadhaay: The Dog
Y 7   Milaan: Yams
G 8   Mirri/Buruma: The Dog
Y 9   Miyay Garunggay: The Girl Will Drown
Y 10   Narran: Narran Lake and Narran River
Y 11   Wiidhaa: The Bowerbird
Y 12   Wuulaa, Gilaa: Frilled Lizard and Galah